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I wear many hats in life. Aside from being a daughter, sister, wife and mother I am a group fitness instructor and a writer. I am self employed and therefore I have to hustle to keep my bills paid, especially in these uncertain times but I am so lucky that I love all of the jobs that I do to keep my ship afloat. I learned many years ago that it was important to have more than one way to bring money into the nest. Diversity allows me to live my best life.

I believe that part of my success as a group exercise instructor is my ability to teach a variety of classes and styles. The truth is we cannot reach everyone with the same message. Boot camp, yoga, aerobics, dance and weight lifting generally have different audiences and very few people are willing to do a cross section of those activities. I realized about five years into my career that if I wanted to reach more people, I had to diversify my offerings.

Becoming a fully certified Level 4 Essentrics instructor was my mission when I began teaching this transformative technique in 2017. This training has been invaluable in helping me to reach more people. Since 1998, when I began my teaching journey, I have seen lots of fads come and go and I can tell you based on my twenty years of experience, and the experience of my devoted students that you can trust Essentrics to deliver results. Please follow this link to my blog featured on the company website. So proud to share the research with you.

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