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What Will 2023 Be?

I think all of us can agree that we have been through some challenging years as of late. We have been forever transformed by the pandemic in a myriad of ways, both negative and positive.

2023 is on my mind lately as I work to try to get back to who I was before March 2020. I've decided to revisit the memory of Fall 2019; what I was doing and how I was feeling in an attempt to press the reset button and begin anew. While we can never forget what we have been through, I believe we can set intentions and a new course for ourselves for the future.

Close your eyes for a moment and go back to pre-pandemic times, before we had to put everything on hold. Who were you? What were your goals and aspirations? What were you excited about? Is there any part of this that you would like to bring back now that we have survived and returned to 'normal life.'

Personally, I was starting to slow down as far as teaching fitness was concerned. I had trained a replacement to take over some of my classes. I had just published a gluten free cookbook, you can find it here and I had opened a gluten free bakery business, you can find my page here I also had three new writing projects on the go. I had so many things in motion that made me excited to jump out of bed in the morning. I want to get back to that place in my life.

So my mission for the next two months is to set myself up for success in 2023 and get back to my original plans. I will be slowing down my teaching schedule. I will return to a regular creative writing schedule. I will be taking on more paid writing gigs as a freelancer and I will look for ways to share my amazing gluten-free baking with others.

Say this with me, 2023 is about taking care of me! I encourage you to make plans for next year. Don't wait and leave it to chance. Set your intentions and get back to realizing your full potential. We are stronger and more capable than ever before. Be fearless too!

See you soon,


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1 Comment

Oct 31, 2022

Great plan!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Back on track is the way to go!!! I'm so grateful to know you and to be guided by your light Beth!

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