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A Fitness Instructor's Promise

Welcome back to your fitness routine. Most of my readers are committed and engaged in regular exercise and as an instructor it warms my heart to see so many of you reaping the rewards of a healthy body. This summer you have travelled and hiked and biked your way through the sunshine and warmth of the season. We all took time off in one way or another and it is so lovely to come back together again for classes.

24 years ago I taught my very first classes to a few friends in a church basement and then six months later I went on to teach larger crowds. Whether I am teaching a group of 5 or 50, my promise remains the same and has for all of these years.

1. I promise to keep up to date with my learning so that I my programs rely on the latest research.

This summer I completed a Core Confidence Specialist certification that allows me to create programming for those folks with prolapse, rectocele, urinary incontinence (one drop when you sneeze is a sign of weakness in the pelvic floor). As we age, our pelvic floor weaknesses can result in unwanted life-altering changes. In this new class, we do traditional muscle conditioning (lifting weights, squats and push ups and ab training) but in a way that also strengthens your pelvic floor.

In June, I completed my Level 2 Yogafit training. This level was very rewarding and I cannot wait to share what I learned with my group. I am currently working towards a YogaShred certification which takes an interval training approach to traditional yoga sequencing. All of this allows me to lead and create interesting workouts that respond to a diverse group of students.

2. I promise to teach classes that anyone can attend, no matter their fitness level. Beginners and advanced clients will always be able to choose the level of intensity that meets their needs.

This pandemic has been hard on us all. A number of my seniors have battled and continue to battle long Covid. Cancer. Major surgeries to the hips, knees, even heart. I do my best to offer options and alternative exercises whenever we feel we cannot participate fully in the class at hand.

You have taught me that there is always some way to take part in exercise. I am available to my virtual studio members at any time for free 15 consultations, where we can discuss your particular needs. On my website I have many free videos and I offer a yearly subscription package that is less than $5 a month where you have unlimited access to many video classes. You can find them here

3. I promise to make your safety my number one priority. I made a decision long ago to always aim to do no harm. What do I mean by this?

Within the instructor world there is a deep passion that can sometimes lead teachers to push themselves and their students too hard. The truth is fitness should not be painful. Yes, we want to challenge ourselves but group exercise classes should not break you down to the point of exhaustion and injury. I work with clients that are primarily retired and past 65 years of age. My focus is to keep you functionally fit and able to enjoy your favourite activities for as long as possible. With this in mind, I create programs that will rebalance your joints, and improve your posture.

If you want to try a free zoom class reach out today. You can find my personal calendar here to book a free chat.

I am so happy to see everyone back! The virtual fitness community that we have grown together is uplifting and motivating. Thank you so much for putting your trust in me for all of these years.


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Thank you for your continuity and motivation!! I am so grateful I can count on you to get me back to healthy fitness! I always realize my brain needs it as much as my body, when I can't attend, my mental health suffers, so thank you for always being there and for your patience and understanding!!


You are most welcome Shelley. Thanks for being a regular reader. :)

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