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Why Did You Join That Fitness Class?

We are seven weeks into our twelve week fitness program and at this midway point in every session, I ask my group fitness students to do some self evaluation. I want clients to reflect back on their reasons for joining my virtual fitness studio, in the hope that they will reconnect with their 'why' and be able to measure the success of their efforts so far. This evaluation is meant to inspire and motivate us to either stay the course or get back on track.

What prompted you to make the commitment to show up weekly or daily and take part in the classes?

Maybe you felt that you needed to gain some added strength and/or flexibility, in order improve your activities of daily living. Perhaps you signed up because you love the energy of group fitness classes, and you use this energy to lift your spirits. Maybe you signed up with the intent of using fitness to help you to manage chronic pain, arthritis, high blood pressure or diabetes.

The truth is we often begin with great intentions but as life presents challenges and obstacles we tend to put ourselves and our health on the back burner. My job is to remind you that this is completely normal and offer you the chance to press the reset button.

Remember that you believed regular fitness would be a valuable tool in helping you to realize your full potential, and therefore I invite you to reflect as follows:

Recenter. Take a moment to close your eyes so you can hear your heart answer the question. Why did I sign up for fitness classes?

Refocus. Once you have your answer, imagine and visualize what the end result will feel like and possibly look like. See the good here. Remember how important this was to you six or eight weeks ago.

Recommit. Give yourself the permission to put yourself first so that you can recommit to this goal no matter how small it may seem. See the good here. Recognize and celebrate all that is being offered to you to help you on your journey.

Repeat. Begin again many times as you need in order to stay on track.

We all stumble and think about giving up but our ability to start again is the most important aspect of our training. Please remember that small steps over time, will yield the greatest fitness gains.

Please reach out if you need any assistance with goal setting or achievement. Let me help you, to help yourself.

See you soon,


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