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Valentine's Day - It's About You Too!

I have many single friends and family members who understandably would rather hide under the covers all day on February 14th.

Valentine’s Day appears to be more about chocolate and flower sales than anything else, but I have come to learn that it is the perfect day to show ourselves some compassion and engage in reflection. So, grab a piece of your favourite chocolate and consider the following.

My question to you today is a simple one. Are you listening to the whispers of your heart?

So often we ignore our hearts desire out of fear. Fear of uncertainty and fear of change can lead us to settle into situations and patterns that are less than healthy. You will know that you have settled by the thoughts that come to mind when you are sitting quietly with yourself.

Do you find yourself considering a major shift of some kind? If so, how would your life improve if these circumstance became a reality?

Sometimes if we allow our hearts desire to run free in our imaginations, we can dream a better reality for ourselves. We can feel our heart start to sing with passion and energy and then we know that we are on the right track.

These little moments when our heart and soul are in sync are gifts that will keep giving if you take steps to either dream more or work to bring them to fruition. I know because this is how I have brought every piece of my current circumstance into the present day and I am living my ideal life.

My favourite time to check in with my ‘heart whispers’ is first thing in the morning, before the alarm goes off and I am lying in bed.

In my case, I get so excited about the work that lays ahead of me, that I cannot wait to get out of bed! I am guessing this is rare, but I want you to experience this feeling of joy. It is cultivated by giving yourself a few minutes each day to reflect and daydream about how your life could be even better than it is today.

I have learned that no dream is too big.

Are you listening?


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