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Establish Boundaries To Stay Healthy!

Many of us are lucky to be able to work during this global pandemic and though this is a blessing it is also a curse. Let me explain.

There is nothing ‘normal’ about working at this time in history. Those of us who are working from home have lost our balance. We have started to confuse time off, with availability.

Pre-pandemic most of us had a daily commute during which we could shed the pressures of the job and walk into the sanctuary of our homes. It was easier to leave the ‘office’ and our bosses behind until the next day.

Now, there is no escape. And while I do love the fact that I have more hours in the day because of the lack of a daily commute, this doesn’t mean that I should be filling it with more work.

Trying to function normally takes far more effort that it ever did before. Putting on a brave face when the news is devasting is tough. I am all for forging ahead and charting a new course but I for one need to remember that working from home and working during a pandemic, presents new challenges and those challenges are taxing on us mentally.

Staring at screens all day is not normal in my profession as a fitness instructor and personal trainer but now it is necessary. Eye fatigue is a serious health concern and the blue light emitted from our devices, decreases our production of melatonin, which has a negative impact on our ability to get restful sleep! Our bodies need REM sleep to repair our muscles etc. There is no way around it. To stay healthy, we have to put limits on our screen time.

So, as we head into the new year of 2021, let us all remember to keep the balance between work and play clear and present. We need to do this for both our mental and physical health. Establish firm borders between your work and home life, even though the physical limits have disappeared.

I wish all of my readers a happy and health 2021!

See you soon,


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