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Be Mindful About Self Improvement

As the leader of a fitness community I see it all the time. The relentless pursuit of perceived ideals. Students pushing themselves to be thinner, faster, stronger than...yesterday? Last month? Last year? Often our desire to get fit is motivated by wanting to fix something and while I completely understand and encourage everyone to do all they can to achieve their dreams, I fear that some of us are missing out on the joy of the present moment.

Of course I want you to do all you can to be the best that you can be but part of moving forward is looking back to celebrate the distance you have travelled. My challenge to you today is to ask yourself what is going well right now? Take just a minute to get quiet and consider what you might be able to celebrate as it applies to all aspects of your life. It is just as important to acknowledge the positive, as it is to measure the need for improvement.

Maybe you have learned to be more mindful this past year. Perhaps you have mastered a new skill, improved your strength, balance and endurance? Maybe you are able to walk a bit farther, play your favourite sport with more ease. Consider the ways in which your life has improved over the last two years and celebrate.

I am guilty of always looking ahead. I am motivated by the concept that life is short and this drives me to get as many of my personal projects complete before my time is up. I have come to realize that I need to spend an equal amount of time enjoying the fruits of my labour. I have worked hard for the success that I have achieved and my need to continually self improve is at the heart of this success. My goal now is to slow down and feel the joy more often. I invite you to do the same.


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Nancy Graham-Cork
Nancy Graham-Cork

Hi Bet..

My three positives for today are

1 Be kind to myself.

I am truthful with myself

I enjoy using my body kindly.😆

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