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January Bashing

Fitness professionals love this time of year because people flood into our facilities with renewed interest in improving their health. February to December, we hear so many reasons why exercise doesn't fit into people's schedules (work gets busy after the holidays, spring break with the kids, Easter planning, tax preparation time, summer vacation, school start-up, Thanksgiving prep and Christmas prep) that come January 1st trainers are happy to know that people are finally going to knuckle down and commit to making time for their health. Well, apparently there is a movement to ban resolution making and to take it one step further, to hibernate for the whole month of January!

I get it, the month of December exhausts many of us. Too many parties. Lots of indulgence that makes us feel sluggish and bloated. Finding our flow after the holidays is tough but I am hear to remind you that it is tough any time of year! At least in January we could count on the fact that there would be lots of like minded folks to support and share in our desire to get healthy. Now I am worried that after a month or two of winter rest, folks will forget their promise to 'deal with fitness later,' altogether and once more, finding a community of support might be harder at a different time of the year.

Honestly, I hope that this January bashing doesn't stick around for next year. We need any reason we can find to move more and consume less. Yes, it is true that many resolutions do not stick but that is not a reason to give up the idea entirely in my opinion. Setting aside a time of year when you assess your health is so important. We do it for many other areas of our lives, so if January is not right for you please make a plan today to have this honest conversation and write down the date!

If you have decided to ban resolution making and plan take the month of January to rest, I support your desire to give your body what it needs at this moment in time. Here are a few tips to help you to feel refreshed after your hibernation period.

  1. Don't bring the salty, sugary, snacks with you into your cozy hibernation den! Remember that hibernating animals are fasting. You want to eat well while you are resting because if you keep eating the same amount of empty calories, you will gain unwanted weight this month which will make moving harder come February.

  2. Drink water. A person needs 30 ml of water per day per kilogram. Your brain needs water and often we mistake the thirst signal for hunger and reach for food. It will help you to suppress your appetite.

  3. While sleeping is good, too much can be a sign that you are depressed so make sure to address your sleep issues with your doctor. Very often we think we are tired because we lack sleep but it may have something to do with our hormones and our mental state and anything in excess is a recipe for trouble.

Personally I look at January as I look at each new day, an opportunity to change and improve but I learned a long time ago that my enthusiasm for this time of year is not shared by all. If you want help getting in shape at any time of the year, send me a message.

Happy New Year.


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