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Celebrate! You've Earned It

For the last twelve months my virtual fitness students have been hard at work improving all components of their health. I see most of them 5 days a week for one hour and some for two hours. We have lifted weights, danced, burpeed, jacked, squated, pulled weeds, rowed boats, climbed over and under fences, thrown baseballs, frisbees and perfected our warrior poses. Our down dogs are deeper. Our sun salutations flow better. We accepted our circumstances and found a way to shine throughout. Despite the limitations of virtual training, we thrived!

I noticed a shift in the mental attitude of my most dedicated students this past year. Their 'can-do' spirit carried them through the darkness of winter as they made the best of training in their basements and living rooms but now I believe that they see how beneficial it is to be focused on the exercise instead of on the issues of getting to the gym. The packing of the gym bag, the cleaning of snow and ice off of the cars, the traffic, the struggle to find parking and then the battle to score a spot in the class that we just travelled to take! (Yes, we had class size limits where I used to work).

Don't get me wrong, in person classes are great but while we were making the best of a crappy situation (the gyms closed for months at a time) we all discovered that fitness doesn't have to be anywhere specific. What matters is that we keep moving in any space that we can create, with any tools that we can put together. We don't need the expensive equipment or even an expensive gym membership to stay healthy.

I have received countless emails from my fitness crew saying how they were able to rejoin their outdoor summer activities with ease because of our classes together over the last 15 months. Your success stories spark my desire to keep improving my programming.

Take the time this summer to celebrate your improved health. You have earned it.

See you soon and stay safe!


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1 Comment

Anne Marie Parr
Anne Marie Parr
Aug 23, 2021

You've said it well giving to all as we need reassurance in our new World.

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