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Can You See The Good Here?

Over the last few weeks I have been challenging my students to look for the good news regarding their current state of health. Often we are keenly aware of the negative changes that we see and have trouble recognizing the positive. Today, I want you to come up with three positive things that you can say about yourself and/or your state of physical/mental health. Put them in the comments if you like, and I will celebrate with you!

Why? Because taking a moment to celebrate provides motivation. Taking note of how our commitment to exercise has helped us to improve even the smallest aspect of our lives, will inspire us to keep moving towards achieving our fitness goals.

Consider how good we feel when someone acknowledges a job well done. It often fuels our desire to grow and take on new endeavors. Positive recognition is a huge motivator and fuels a better work ethic moving forward. Take some time to see the good in all of the efforts that you have been making over the last two years of this pandemic. I would argue that anyone who has stuck to their fitness workouts, despite the gyms being closed, should be proud and take a moment to celebrate their determination and resilience.

I work primarily with active agers who struggle with coming to terms with certain aspects of the aging process. I often hear this statement, "I am so upset because I used to be able to..." You can fill in the blank with so many different things. I even find myself at 54 starting to say these things but when we constantly focus on the things that we lack, our thoughts negatively impact our ability to perform optimally. If you feel defeated before you even begin, this will impede your progress. If you think you can't, you won't. Instead, set yourself up for success and begin by acknowledging your strengths and build on them for a better, healthier tomorrow.

Tell me three of your strengths!

See you soon,


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