Can you see it?

The sun behind those clouds. I love this photo because though the day was cloudy, I felt so inspired knowing that soon the sun was going to burst through!

Each new day gives us the opportunity to change what we did not like about yesterday or to expand upon what we loved.

I feel it when my students are a bit down during the classes that I teach. When they have arrived with the weight of the world on their shoulders. I know that every day is not perfect.

What I do know, is that exercise helps us to change the course of those difficult days, especially if we focus on what we are doing, while we are working out. Learning to tune out the voice in our head, that wants us to think about what we have just done or what we have to do when the class is over, can help us to relieve some stress.

I find this to be the hardest thing for people to do. We are all so busy and often have a hard time “letting go” of our worries and concerns, even for just 30 minutes.

Moving the body and pumping the blood, brings on this shift naturally, if you let it.

It literally changes your mood.

The transformation is subtle at first, but once you committ to regular workouts, you will start to look for that after workout “high.” You are a far nicer person after you exercise. I guarantee it. In fact, if I am on vacation from teaching for too long, my husband will sublty ask me to go workout.  Ha, ha.  I am probably not very pleasant to live with if I am not working off my stress.

Listening to the teacher’s voice or some music during your walk or run, allows you to check out and give yourself a break.

I took the above photograph on Old Orchard Beach in August of 2011, 8 months after my father died. I made a promise to myself that day to be fully present all the tiime. To hear what is being said, to see all there is to see and to emotionally allow myself to be moved: to feel. Very often we move from point A to point B, not seeing, not appreciating what is happening around us.

Each day is a gift of new beginnings.

How will you use this day?