The idea is not mine but I find the challenge interesting. We all have stories to tell but can you simplify your story into six little words?

Here are some examples that I found from an old Oprah magazine that are quite creative. ( The Oprah Magazine, February 2012, volume 13. Number 2. pg. 126-127)

“Every 20 years, I reinvent myself.” – Wahana Vellutini.

“Abandoned at 5. Learning to thrive.” – Melinda Hui.

“I am more than a twin.”- Diane Campbell

“Surfing life’s ripples, wishing for waves.” – Karen Barbier

“Might as well eat that cookie.” – Paula Deen

“I have time to fix this.” – Taneika Head

The beauty of this exercise is that it gets you to think about your life, where you have been and how far you have come. I chose to highlight the positive examples that I found but there are plenty of negative ones as well.

We only have a few minutes to make an impression when we meet someone for the first time.

At the gym, I can predict the degree of success that someone will have in my class based on our initial meeting. How do you feel about yourself? What are your goals? What can you tell me about yourself that will highlight your strengths and weaknesses?

When you are speaking, I’ m looking at the words that you use to describe yourself. They tell me where you are on your fitness journey and how easy or hard it may be to help you achieve your goals.

In my work as a fitness instructor, clients often have very little time to convey their thoughts to me as classes empty out and others arrive. People often run up to me to get their point across. I do my best to tune in and be present for everyone at that point.

I must admit that I really appreciate the kind words that come my way on a daily basis. I know that those people have given great thought and chosen their words carefully.

I do my best to forget the words that are meant to cause pain. Those moments are difficult as I have to shake off the feeling and turn around within three minutes and use my words to encourage, support and inspire.

Condensing my words is a way of life for me. Working with the public, I must be careful. I cannot always speak my mind and maybe that is a good thing.

Perhaps more of us need to hold in some of our ideas, process them properly and fully consider their impact before releasing them into the universe.

Try this exercise. Share it with me privately. It may give me a bit more insight into who you are at this moment.

My life in six words:  ” Dance. Eat. Laugh. Repeat with love.” – Beth Oldfield

Have a great day everyone!