I am quite lucky that I have a husband who supported me turning our whole basement into a gym. I take it for granted and assume that everyone has a space dedicated to fitness in their homes but the truth is you don’t need a fancy space to get fit.

I recommend however that whatever area you do have be ready and welcoming. You are far more likely to exercise on days when you cannot get to the gym, if you have a small area of your home that you can clear quickly and easily enough to set up a yoga mat.

As a personal trainer, I have seen the spaces that work best and well, the ones that need some improving.

Most often the treadmill in any home is covered with clothes, or folded up and tucked away so tightly that getting it out to use would be the exercise itself. Usually the equipment is in the basement which is dark, cluttered and secluded so no one every goes down there to use it, or the weights that are collecting dust in the corner.

The fall season brings about cooler weather so why not spend some time today preparing for those days when you are less likely to get to class. Look at your space and set up a dedicated area for mat work. It doesn’t have to big or impressive. It need only be ready for you when you cannot get to the gym. In that case, you can put a Youtube video on your phone or laptop and do some exercise in your own space.

This summer I had the pleasure of spending a weekend away with some members of my women’s group. Our workout space was on the dock by the water. This was our last day and I wanted to get a shot of the ladies sitting on the edge of the dock. They had no idea I was taking a picture and our host raised her arms for some reason. Perfect shot!

Be in the moment. Examine your space and make it inviting.

Have a great day and see you Wednesday,