The last two weeks of the twelve week fitness session are the best!

As a teacher, I have spent the last three months developing skills with my students so that they now feel stronger, more comfortable with dances/aerobics and hopefully more flexible and balanced.  I usually do not teach anything new in this time period but I will bring back some of the exercises that the students have mastered this session. I do this so that they themselves can see how they have improved!

There is no better feeling as a student than success! So the next two weeks are spent working out and revelling in the mastery of the steps and the joy of achieving goals.  This sets us up for a wonderful holiday break.

So if you are in my classes for the next two weeks, I want you to push yourself comfortably, toward your goal knowing that nothing new is going to be thrown at you. I want you to focus on your posture while exercising and enjoy the fact that over the last few months you have become stronger and more confident. Now is the time to test your limits a bit more. The exercises have become more complex over the last ten weeks but rest assured that I only ask you to perform moves that I know you are capable of doing.

Remember that exercise is supposed to feel good at some point. We should not always be in a state of pain from classes.  As a student you should see that an effort is being made by the teacher to build students up, not just continually tear them down. Sometimes I hear of classes where the focus really is on making the students suffer. I caution you to remember that your goal is to achieve health. You should feel that you are progressing!

I am very proud of all of my students in all of my classes. It has been a great session!

See you soon,