My backyard is filled with trillium’s at this time of year and I was moved by the site of this purple flower amongst all of the white ones.

I truly believe that we have it all wrong, when we work so hard to be just like everyone else. We tend to want to look the same, dress the same and speak the same. At times, we may want to blend into the crowd and remain annonymous.

I was very shy as a child and in many ways I still am, though I may not look shy while I’m leading a class! However, when the music is on, I am the happiest I can be, either leading dances or teaching fitness. Suddenly any fears I have about public speaking or making mistakes, vanish and I am comfortable and at ease. My love of music and dance set me apart from the crowd and I’m so happy that I pursued this uniqueness.

This purple flower, growing amongst all of the standard white trilliums stands up and says, “look at me. I am different in many wonderful ways and yet similar all the same.” I believe that we are supposed to celebrate what makes us different and use those gifts, to strengthen the ties between us.

In the last few years, I have learned that my success is not going to be in trying to imitate someone else. I have been educated in what I do. I have been in the field working with clients for 17 years. I know what works and what doesn’t. In deciding not to follow the crowd, I have found personal strength and immeasurable happiness.

Perhaps I am feeling this way as I get older. I am 48. I have wrinkles. I will not try to wipe them away. I have had three beautiful kids, naturally, therefore I am never going to have that perfect, pre-baby, body (whatever that is?)  I spend all morning at the gym, helping others to be the best that they can be and this gives me in incredible joy. I get to dance and work with music and get paid for having fun! 

How do you recognize your gifts?  You will find those gifts in what makes you happiest.  Taking part in a favourite sport, reading, writing, singing, dancing, cooking etc. Perhaps you can find a way to share this joy with friends and family.

Life is meant to be lived and celebrated.

Celebrate the fact that you are original and use your uniqueness to make the world an better place!