If you have not tried my stretch class now is a great time. There is no class next Tuesday but the May session starts on the 3rd.

Last summer, I offered this course at Quanta and it filled up quickly. I anticipate this happening again so before June arrives, it is a great time to see what stretching can do for your body and mind!

The Quanta center offers a small intimate setting where I can work with small groups of 6-8 clients. If you attend any of my other classes you know that this is unique!

All you need is a yoga mat. The center offers cushions, bolsters, blankets and blocks.

If you want to drop in you must call ahead to let us know that you are coming!

If you want more information you can email me privately or read some of my blog posts about yoga. As a personal trainer, I use yoga postures to promote flexibility in the common problem areas of the body.


Have a great weekend everyone.