For those of you who are interested and available, I am returning to Quanta Wellness Center and offering two yoga classes per week. This course follows the hatha style and I consider it to be a gentle yoga that is designed to relieve stress and improve flexibility.

Many of you attend my Yoga Stretch course at another location. Yesterday, we were 38 participants and 6 regulars were on vacation so the class is popular and becoming very crowded. Perhaps you have the time and would like to add this class to your routine. I am only taking 6 participants in each class as the room is more intimate. I already teach this class three times during the week and I am eager to add more!  This class has kept various injuries of mine from getting worse. It can do the same for you.

I must say that teaching yoga is fast becoming my favorite activity during the week. Taking the time to slow down and get in tune with tight, grumpy muscles and bring healing to them through stretching, is wonderful medicine for anyone who is struggling with stiffness.

In this promotion, the owner is offering a massage when you sign up for the month.  What a great deal!

Sorry that I missed posting yesterday.  We had a snow storm to deal with in Montreal and it took me an hour and forty minutes to get into work.  I knew I had no time to write a blog.

Have a wonderful day everyone.