Last week, I mentioned to my classes that we were at the end of week 6 in our training and a few people laughed at the fact that I’m keeping count. Perhaps they think that I’m counting down the minutes until the end of the session, which is partially true because I only take vacations between sessions, however the real reason that I keep track of the weeks is that it keeps me on my toes.

In my group fitness classes, I have a clear idea of the skills that I want my students to master before the end of the session and each week I have to keep our progress in mind. In any fitness training program you should be able to see an increase in intensity or difficulty as the weeks go by. We don’t want every class to look the same. That being said, there are some classes where the challenges will be less intense simply because the class is meant for less fit individuals, so it’s important to know what you’re signing up for before you begin.

This is one of the best reasons for attending group fitness classes. When we try to exercise on our own, we often fail to build in this increase in difficulty. Exercise of any kind is better than no exercise at all but if you’re trying to reach certain fitness goals, you need to challenge yourself regularly once you have mastered the activity.

When we’re not accountable to anyone but ourselves, it’s very easy to fall into a holding pattern and simply do the same thing every time that we lace up our shoes.

We are now at the beginning of week 7 of our 10 week session. You should feel like you have progressed quite a bit from week 1 and that you’re handling the intensity with confidence. I look forward to the remaining four weeks because I can see how much you have improved and this is very motivating!

See you soon,