There are many reasons why people head to the gym or hire personal trainers. I find the reasons fascinating. Everyone has a different ‘why’ and it is important for each of us to remember our own reason because it is what pulls us through on difficult days.

As we know, it is easy to find excuses to skip a workout. Truth be told not everyone finds exercise as enjoyable as I do. I love working out but most people don’t and it can be a slippery slope when we make that first excuse. It then gets easier and easier to find excuses so I encourage people to write down their reasons for exercising and put it up where you can see it regularly. Maybe by the sink where you brush your teeth or on the fridge or the front door.

Maybe you are trying to get healthier for your kids so you can be a better part of their lives. Put up a picture of your kids and write your reason underneath.

Maybe you are trying to lose weight so that you can look fabulous at the upcoming wedding or reunion. Write down your reason on a copy of the invitation and hang it up!

Maybe you simply want to fit into that awesome pair of jeans you bought two years ago. Hang them front and center with a note stating the date that you want to wear them comfortably!

Maybe your buddy (60 years old) suffered a heart attack playing hockey and you want to avoid such a crisis. Hang his picture and write an affirmation to him that you will keep exercising in his honor.

Maybe you have to keep moving to keep your arthritis from crippling your life or your diabetes levels constant. Maybe your doctor told that you are morbidly obese and are at risk for an early death. Maybe you are on a mission to prove your doctors wrong when they told you that you would never walk again!

Every single one of those ‘whys’ has been expressed to me in the last year. They are all different but all incredibly good reasons to get moving on a daily basis.

Hang your “why” up where you can see it and hopefully it will help to motivate you on those days when you feel like skipping your workout.

Have a great day and see you soon!