I am so excited to let you know that I am in the midst of filming my first fitness video so you can workout with me wherever you are located! Many of my students have been asking for this and it should be ready by Christmas so stay tuned.

I gave a lecture last Wednesday at the Pointe Claire library about my book, Fundamental Fitness After Fifty. 43 people attended and half of them purchased copies of the book. I consider this to be a great success! I enjoyed lecturing so much that I plan to do these events more often.

One year ago, I had finished the manuscript for my book and I was looking for a publisher. The end seemed so distant and even though I have always wanted to make a video, I never imagined that it would happen because I felt that there were too many obstacles in my way. I see now that these two dreams have become a reality by a series of small baby steps strung together.

I am here to give you a little push to make any of your secret dreams come true. Take one step today toward your goal and though progress can seem slow at times, the end result is incredibly rewarding!

Stop procrastinating and take that first step!

See you soon,