I often hear ladies talking in the locker room about other classes that they are attending. As an instructor, I am always keen to know what students like about their classes, so it is interesting to be a fly on the wall and listen to these conversations.

I have to say that I once heard one of the ladies expressing how hard the workout was that they had just left.  It was so hard that she felt like “vomiting!” All of them looked completely exhausted.

I just want all of my students to know that while I personally believe it is okay to have worked well, I hope that none of you feel that you have been pushed to the point of being sick to your stomach.

My mission in all of my classes is to keep people functionally fit.  When you come out of a class you should feel like you have experienced a lite sweat and perhaps some muscle fatigue but I hope that you do not feel so exhausted that you are done for the day!  My hope is that you have more energy after the class.  The next day, you may feel your muscles but I want you to tell me if they are so sore to the touch that you cannot move!

As instructors, we want everyone to love our classes, so we are all are eager to know how to improve the experience of our students.

I have no desire to be the toughest class in the program. I hope to be the class where you feel noticed, cared for and challenged. I am not there to beat you up or make you feel like you are not good enough. I am there to lift you up and keep you fit and strong while you are having fun!

Have a great day!