How do you know if your work, life balance is way off?

The obvious signs are with your health, as stress can play a role in making us sick and unhealthy. The less obvious signs can show up in our lack of drive, to do the things that we normally love to do.

My personal work, life balance has been way off this fall. Something that will be fixed shortly!

This year, I had no drive to put up Christmas decorations at all. Our kids have moved out for the most part, and since I have been working so hard, the thought of putting up the tree for just us, made me want to skip the tradition altogether! Normally, I host one or two very large gatherings over the holidays. I love to cook and bake and so the fact that I was throwing in the towel on this years celebrations, is a good indication that I am feeling overworked and that my balance is way off!

I asked my daughter to come home and help me decorate the tree and bake and to my happy surprise she jumped at the chance to do this together! She was in the process of setting up her apartment, so I did not want to bother her but now I am glad I did. I had so much paper work to do yesterday but I am glad that I asked her to come over. Listening to Christmas carols, baking and setting up the tree was far more enjoyable.

 Of course, she was also going to walk away with a bunch of free decorations for her first Christmas in the new place, so that may have been her motivation, but lets go with the first idea!  🙂

We had a wonderful time and now that the tree is up, I am starting to feel more hopeful and happy about the approaching holidays.

Yes, we have to work.
But, we also have to play.
I have learned a huge lesson this fall. More money, is not always better.

Check your personal balance regularly and make the changes you need to stay healthy. Sometimes it simply means adding more play time.

Have a wonderful day everyone!