We have all been in the position where a thought enters our head and we want to blurt it out to deliver a great punch line. It feels great to make a group of people smile or laugh when the comment is friendly and funny but even then, we really need to consider the impact that it might have on the group as a whole.

I often find myself in this position because I want to motivate my students and sometimes making them laugh goes a long way in helping clients push through the last reps of an exercise. There have been times when I have uttered things that were inappropriate and I have felt badly after class. It happens but I am proud to say that nine times out of ten, I use my words to encourage and support those around me in my classes and with my family and friends.

That is why I am surprised and caught off guard when someone makes a rude comment to me about my class.

I work so hard to stop derogatory comments from popping out of my mouth that I choose to say nothing at all over risking offending someone. I am left speechless when someone offends me because the thoughts that pile up on my tongue, will cause more harm than good, if I speak them aloud. So I keep my mouth shut.

This week someone was trying to be funny (I think) after I had finished teaching a class. I had not asked for any input but this person chose to speak out loudly in front of everyone, as they expressed their dissatisfaction with the class. People just ignored the comment because it was quite rude.

I want to let everyone know that teachers in general put many unpaid hours into learning their craft so that they can deliver the best classes possible. We stay up late studying and in my case, I spend hours buying new music and then countless hours practicing, so that I can lead my students through the workout or dance class safely while having fun at the same time! And in this process of learning some transitions will be smooth, while others will be bumpy.

I, like you, need time to get everything “perfect.” Whatever that means…it is different for everyone!

When you see that a teacher is stepping out of their comfort zone, show them the same kindness and respect that is shown to you. I think we can all agree that the first time we join a class, we are learning and we make mistakes. This happens to teachers as well.

So use your words wisely. And if you can’t, maybe offer a smile of support. Hang in there! We all need time and encouragement to be the best that we can be. Including me.

Have a great day and see you soon,