Good Morning Everyone,

I had to take a picture of myself yesterday after class, as half way through the cardio segment, a heart appeared on my chest. I guess I really put my heart into that workout!!

I encourage you to put your heart into every effort you are making to take care of yourself today.

Yes, some days are easier than others but I try to remind my students that we are so lucky/blessed, to have this time together.  It is a luxury.

When taking care of my dying father a few years back, I spent so much of my time in the hospital.  For years, my time was not my own.  Unfortunately, we often only realize how good something is, when we lose it. Every moment that we spend in good health, doing what we want to do,when we want to do it, needs to be treasured.

I tell my students that they should be smiling from ear to ear because they are able to move and get out and socialize, laugh and play. We take this for granted.

Walk, run, dance!  Whatever you do, give it your all.

Be fully present in the next yoga class. Be fully present when muscle conditioning or doing your cardio. Do not watch or listen to the news while working out.  Try to focus on what you are doing.  You will get more out of your efforts that way.  Give yourself a gift.  The gift of taking care of your heart, mind and body.

With all of my heart, I wish you a fabulous day!