This is one of my students at 70 years of age. She was on vacation with people in their mid-thirties who were too afraid to try this stunt. While I don’t suggest that you do anything too crazy, my message today is about your attitude toward your age.

You will be whatever you decide. If you think you are decrepit, you will be that way no matter how much I try to help you to improve your situation through fitness. It all hinges on your attitude. Your body will respond to your negative thoughts and give you more of what you are complaining about. I know this to be true because I see so many differences in people of the same age.

I have students in their 70’s who act and look like they are in their mid-forties despite arthritis, despite battling cancer, despite being overweight, despite diabetes and high blood pressure. They are out there living life to the fullest and would be the next in line to try standing on the back of a horse just for fun! So why are some people so vibrant while others have ‘one foot in the grave?’ In my experience it all has to do with attitude.

Anyone who follows my blog knows the story of my friend Joe who suffered a serious stroke a year and a half ago (he is in his mid-sixties). The doctor’s told him there was nothing they could do and that he should basically prepare to die. Well, as I write to you he is in Europe on a two month long vacation, hiking and visiting family and friends. If anyone had an excuse to give up, it was him and his attitude pulled him out of that situation. I truly believe that it is why I see such a variance in the fitness of older adults.

Yesterday, one of my newest students arrived after a three week long hiatus from classes and the first thing she asked me was if I wanted an “old” person in the class? She is younger than 70 but her body is moving and behaving exactly the way she has decided it should. I see this time and time again.

Better health starts with your thoughts. Decide today that despite your age you are still vibrant and have what it takes to fulfill your dreams but bring that positive attitude to the gym so I can see it and fuel it each time that we get together. This will make all the difference in how you look and feel.

See you soon,