Most of my time is spent teaching fitness but my other passion is reading, writing and most recently, researching my family history. Both of my parents wrote their life story. It is so wonderful to have this to pass down to my kids.

My parents are deceased but I have taken it upon myself to pick up my Mother’s research concerning some missing pieces in our family tree.

The work is both fascinating and frustrating. I have found boxes and boxes of family photos and almost none of them have names or dates written on the back. Unfortunately, this makes the photos useless as no one else in the family knows these people.

If you are planning on writing your memoir, I would suggest starting with that photo box that you probably have stashed away in the closet.

When you look at each picture, write the names of the people on the back with an approximate date and before you know it, a story will start to emerge. Even if you just write about the photos, instead of attempting to write a book, your family will appreciate the time you took to keep the memories alive. Believe me!

If you are not interested in writing your life story, just put the photos back into the box and leave it for the next generation to piece together. You will have left them a wonderful gift.

I hope my blog motivates you to work on your own story.

See you soon,