One of my students came up to me last week to inform me that she has a bounce in her step since she started taking my Essentrics classes last year. This woman is in her early sixties and leads a very active life. She is still working part time and attending the gym a few times per week when she can.

I have heard this quite a bit since I began teaching this technique in October of 2017. In that time, I have progressed through two teaching certification levels with my level 3 studies currently under way. I had just finished reading about the positive impact that Essentrics has on the cardio-respiratory system when she spoke to me, so I was happy to let my student know why she was feeling this way.

In the workouts we regularly contract and then relax our muscles which promotes blood flow around the body. We also move within our stretches instead of simply holding still, and we rotate within and around all of the joints which brings new blood into stiff areas, promoting rejuvenation. More blood means more oxygen is being delivered and this coupled with the fact that we are unlocking stiff joints, adds to the feeling of increased energy at the end of each class. Because we are constantly pulling up in our posture, we breathe better as well. All of this puts a spring in our step as we move about our day.

I love it when you share your success stories with me as I can pass them on and hopefully motivate someone to try a class for themselves.

See you soon,