Introducing my two oldest kids, Josh and Sarah, 5 years ago.  Josh used to lead people through zip lining adventures in the trees. As you can see, I am safely taking the picture from the ground.

Though I have a sense of adventure, I tend to ere on the side of caution in most things, including my work.

Though I have been teaching for 17 years in total, I started my own fitness business in 2007, just a short 8 years ago.

I refer to it as ‘Better Balance,’ as I was admittedly frustrated by the things I was seeing in my industry. Trends in the fitness world, that come and go and do not take into account the safety of participants, caused me great concern.

Yes, it is fun to try new ways of training but I always ask myself first, is the benefit of said equipment/training worth the risk?

Every teacher, deep down, wants to have the most popular class, doing the latest, greatest thing! At some point, I had to come to terms with the fact that being the ” latest and greatest new thing” is not where my heart lies.

I decided all those years ago, that my clients are the focus of the class. All the exercises that I pick, are picked for them based on their capabilities. The success of my students is where I get my joy!  Seeing them improve over a 12 week session, is a gift that keeps me coming back. It is so rewarding!

Above all else, I try to fit into one hour of training, a full workout; cardio, muscle conditioning, flexibility training and relaxation. I take a very safe approach to my work as I want my clients to be with me for the long haul.

Considering that many of my students, have been attending my classes for over 10 years or more, I think I can say that I have succeeded in achieving my goal.

Try not to train in the same way all the time.  Mix things up but keep the core lessons that you know to be true at the centre of your work.  Weigh the risk involved based on your current condition and concerns.

And above all else, if you find yourself in a class where the teacher is more concerned about how she looks doing the exercise, than how you are feeling or doing, don’t continue.

Seek a better balance in all areas of your life.

Have a great weekend everyone.

See you Monday morning!