I am assuming that many of my friends and family are afraid of learning how to deliver CPR, because there would be no other reason to not take a course.

It is a bit daunting I admit but feeling helpless is far worse. One of the best things that the course does is help us to learn how to take control of a situation and help the victim. In most of the situations that I have been in, this was the most effective part of the scenario. Bringing calm to a chaotic situation is crucial.

If you did take a course many years ago, you need to go back and take it again because it is far simpler now.

We used to have to remember many steps and procedures, whereas now the focus is on chest compressions.  We are taught to assess the situation and the victim, and if needed we are to deliver 30 chest compressions and 2 breaths. Compressions are the most important part of CPR because they keep the blood circulating and therefore oxygen is being delivered to the brain!

Most people do not carry a pocket mask and would probably not intervene to do CPR on a stranger because of the mouth to mouth component. Well you need to know that we are no longer required to do mouth to mouth if no mask is available. We are told to do chest compressions until help arrives.

There are of course procedures to follow and that is the amazing thing about the CPR class.  You get to practice many times on a mannequin as the instructor leads you through the steps. The instructor corrects and answers your questions, until you feel confident that you could in fact help to save someones life! Remember that the goal is to keep the blood and oxygen circulating until the first responders arrive.

Taking the course helps all of us in the end. I wish it were mandatory for everyone. We all want to help when someone is in trouble but many of us have no idea what to do.

Sign up for the Heart Saver course in your area. Go with a friend and make an evening out of it. I believe that you can even arrange for private ‘in home’ classes for your friends and family.

Have a great day everyone.