You have not seen me in class this week because I am recovering from trochanteric bursitis. The fastest way to recover from this pain near the hip joint is rest!

I am happy to say that the physiotherapy treatments are going well and that the stretching and icing that I am doing at home is working wonders. I will be back to teaching my classes on Monday.

I have been seeing the same physio, Andrea Dewar, for over ten years now and she immediately knew what the problem was. I have been waking up in pain from sleeping on my side on our couch or even from the bed regularly but I just figured it was because of the work that I do. Andrea explained that while this condition can be caused from working the hip abductors, in my case it is caused from side sleeping on a hard surface.  She politely called me bony. I am not a large woman and I guess I lack some padding.

A few people have been suggesting that perhaps I am getting too old to keep doing what I do and whenever I get injured I feel the glares of concern. I asked my physiotherapist yesterday if she felt that I had to give up dancing and teaching and her immediate response was, “no!” This condition is not a result of any activity that I have been doing.

We had recently made a bed change to an older mattress that was in one of our guest rooms. This is when the problem started for me. So we now must invest in our health and buy a proper bed!

Thanks for all of the well wishes.

I miss you and will see you Monday!