Feeling healthy is not just about watching our weight. We can be the correct weight for our height and have strong, flexible muscles and great cardiovascular stamina, and still feel unwell.

We need to take care of our mental health. How are you feeling emotionally? Do you feel heard? Do you feel lonely? Sometimes these feelings can stand in the way of us achieving our goals.

I have written to you before about circles of support and how important it is for us to feel supported by our families and friends.

Last year, I was lucky enough to be invited to join a Women’s Circle that was starting up in Montreal.

This circle is different from a group of friends meeting over coffee. We meet every two weeks and we take turns speaking from our heart, no matter what is on our mind. We do not comment on what was said just before and when it is not our turn, we remain quiet and only listen. Though we can ask for advice, no solutions are offered. The idea is to express our feelings without fear of judgement.

It is an exercise is listening and the benefits are many because not only do you get a chance to talk about what is on your mind, you are not interrupted when you are speaking, which sometimes happens in regular conversation. By then end of your turn, you feel as though you have genuinely been heard and that you have clearly expressed what is on your mind, to the point where you can now stop over thinking. You often hear yourself coming through in what everyone else is saying, so you learn time and time again, that we are not alone and that we all feel the same things. Whatever is said in the circle, remains in the circle. The most important part of the group is privacy. You have to trust.

The above photo was taken yesterday as we celebrated two milestone birthdays. Unfortunately, our culture tends to shun women getting older. In this circle, we celebrate how far we have come, how much we have learned and how much we have to share.

Clients often ask me why they are not losing weight or achieving their fitness goals. The truth is I can make adjustments to your program and I can advise you to eat well and get plenty of quality sleep, but the answer may rest in how you are feeling emotionally. We have to treat the body as a whole. Unresolved feelings may be causing you to make bad choices when it comes to eating and drinking, and/or stress may be undermining your weight loss goals. If our minds are filled with worry our physical self suffers.

Joining this supportive group of women was the best decision I have made in a long time. I knew only one of the ladies well. It was a group of complete strangers one year ago, but today I consider them to be some of my closest friends.

See you soon,