People often ask me about my seemingly endless energy and I often wonder if they really want to know the answer.

Why do I question this you ask? Because it feels as though people stop listening when I tell them what I eat and drink in the morning, the amount of exercise that I do a week and the amount of sleep that I force upon myself. These are the secrets to my energy levels.

You see, I have the most energy when I start my day with a green smoothie made from spinach, mango, orange juice, banana and hemp hearts or when I eat last nights leftover dinner.

“Oh yuck,” most people say!

As soon as I get up, I drink a large glass of water.

Amazingly, many people say “yuck” to this as well.

How is it that we are at a point where we don’t like the taste of plain water? Anyway, your body is like a plant. It needs to be watered after 8 or 9 hours of starvation. Do yourself a favour and drink more water!

I’m not a doctor or a dietitian but I believe that eating a clean diet consisting of high quality fruits, vegetables and protein results in boundless energy. Yes, the occasional sweet treat is good but even I slow down when I start eating too much sugar and fat. I also try to limit caffeine.

Then when I tell people how many classes I teach a week, people laugh nervously and run away. I can only assume this is because they have no intention of doing that much exercise.

The truth is to have energy, you have to move more often than you sit, even though you are tired and don’t want to move.  Get up a bit earlier and spend 10 or 20 minutes each morning dancing to your favorite music, you will feel energized. Put on your headphones in the morning and dance in your pajamas. You won’t bother anyone and I promise you that you will feel better.

I also force myself to get to bed by 9 or 9:30 pm. People squawk at me when I suggest this but in order to reinvigorate your body, you need to give it adequate, quality sleep. Start with a warm bath and head to bed with a good book. Limit your screen time and don’t drink too many fluids after dinner so you can sleep through the whole night. I almost always wake up before my alarm which is a good sign that you have had enough sleep.

So there you have it. The recipe is simple but people want to fight it.

Eat better.

Move more.

Sleep more.

I can help you to move more. I have room in my line dance class and in my Essentrics classes. Call me for more information 514-241-2475.

Have a great day and see you soon!