For many reasons, I have found this week to be quite challenging. Life is not always easy and just like the song says, ” I never promised you a rose garden. Along with the sunshine there has to be a little rain sometimes.”

Years ago, I found the books of Pema Chodron and I often turn to her wisdom when I find myself feeling angry or hurt.

Yesterday, when I opened my Facebook, this was in my feed and I found it so appropriate to my situation that I want to share it with you today. Look up Pema and pick up one of her books. They are all awesome and inspiring.

From the book entitled, The Pocket Pema Chodron.

Every day we could think about the aggression in the world, in New York, Los Angeles, Darfur, Iraq, everywhere. All over the world, everyone strikes out at the enemy, and the pain escalates forever. Every day we could reflect on this and ask ourselves, “Am I going to add to the aggression in the world?” Every day, at the moment when things get edgy, we can just ask ourselves, “Am I going to practice peace, or am I going to war?”

The choice really is ours. Remember that being a “right fighter,”  or someone who only sees their point of view is not what the world needs. We need more understanding and empathy toward others.

See you soon and have a great day!