All I could do yesterday was laugh. No point in getting frustrated or upset.

I had prepaid for my gas and then threw my wallet and keys onto the drivers seat. While pumping the gas, my car decided to lock itself. I won’t get into what I must have done wrong, as I know that my car has a built in ‘lock itself” feature. In all 392,000+ km, it has never been a problem.

I finished pumping the gas but all the while I was considering that I am out in the world ‘naked.’ No cell phone, no wallet, no keys, just my smile. 

“No big deal. The world is a friendly place. I will get some kind of help.”

The gas attendant was clearly having a worse day than I was.

Long story short, and a line up of about 6 patrons later, she could not find the CAA phone number. So I asked anyone in line if they had CAA because it is written on the back of the membership card. To my surprise, not one person was a member but then none of them offered to ‘google’ the number for the attendant, to help speed up the process. I was surprised by the lack of desire to help a stranger but I did not let it bother me. Maybe these folks are having a bad day too.

Eventually she found the number but then her portable phone would not work. I was Amazed at the difficulty I was having but I thanked her and went over to the next business.  

Oh and did I mention I was supposed to be at a doctor’s appointment in 20 minutes that I have waited over six months for. All I could do was laugh. At least it was sunny. Somehow I managed to not get caught in the torrential rain that was hitting our area intermittently all day.  So I was quite happy. The walk was short and pleasant. I would not let this situation get the best of me!

It took me forever to find the manager of the restaurant but he did let me use the phone and he actually ‘googled’ the CAA number and found it.  Then there must have been a new attendant on the phone because it took her much longer than usual to locate me. Again I did not get angry or frustrated. It happens. We all have bad days at work and in life.

CAA was actually there within 30 minutes of locating me.

I watched as this total stranger managed to break into my car effortlessly without any alarm going off. I of course thanked him but wondered secretly about his character. I thought to myself, “wow what a skill to have. Knowing how to break into any car at any time without the alarm going off.” Again I laughed. “What is the point of the alarm I wonder?”

I was officially 10 minutes late for my appointment but over 30 minutes away by car. So I called the office only to find out that they stopped answering the phone 5 minutes ago!  Now I was upset but laughing in disbelief.

For those of you who live in Quebec you know all too well that we often wait an hour or more to see the doctor once we arrive in the office! There is no way that she has seen all of the patients! 

I was correct of course! I arrived and told them my story and they fit me in before the end of the shift!

A happy ending to what otherwise could have been a disastrous story. I really believe that our attitude affects the outcome of our experiences.

I am still laughing and so happy that I stayed the course and did not give up. Still amazed at how easily he broke into my car….

Have a great day and see you soon.