Sometimes we simply feel off. We do not feel like ourselves and we push this sensation aside and blame it on all sorts of things. A change in our sleep, our diet or our workout regime. I am always telling you to listen to your body and in some cases we have to go and see a doctor when we cannot pinpoint the problem.

One of my clients who I had not seen in over a year, returned yesterday to tell me why she had been absent for so long. It turns out that she had been in a car accident.  She was unharmed in the accident but people insisted she go and get checked out.  In the process they discovered that she had tumors in her lymph nodes.  Luckily she underwent surgery and therapy and she is fine today, but had she not gone to get checked out, I could be telling a very different story. This woman had no prior symptoms.  The car accident turned out to be a blessing.

When in doubt, we really have to differ to the experts and get checked out. If you are fit and in shape and still find yourself feeling unwell, go and visit the doctor.

Take care and see you soon,