Many of you know that I gave up a class last week that I’ve been teaching for the last 15 years. “Step” was the first class that I was given when I moved from teaching nights to mornings. It has been a huge part of my week but I had to retire from Step because my ankles don’t love it like my mind does. I had to follow the advice that I give to all of you so often. “If something hurts, stop and change what you are doing.”

As it turns out, the class was given back to me in short delay and my boss told me that I could change it as I saw fit. I created a new format and everyone was pleased.

My message today is more often than not, change is a good thing even if it is hard at first.

Those students who took the time to give me feedback said that very thing. “It’s a nice change.”

I want to stress to you the importance of switching up your training routine. When we do the same workout often, our body adapts and we actually stop reaping the same kind of benefits from the exercise that we sought when we first began. Our bodies need to be continually challenged in subtle ways to stay healthy and injury free.

The truth of the matter is while some people were only attending my Step class occassionally, the impact of stepping was taking it’s tole on me because of the amount of teaching that I do in a week. Since stopping that class, my body is instantly happier! We have to listen to what our bodies are telling us when it comes to pain because we do not want to sustain long lasting injuries.

Please take care of yourselves and work smarter, not harder!

See you soon,