I must admit that teaching is not always easy and occasionally I question whether or not I am making a difference.

I teach about 17 hours of fitness a week and this does take a toll on me both physically and mentally. Some days are good and some days are bad and occasionally I wonder if it is all worth it?

Well last week, in the midst of questioning myself, I caught a glimpse of the impact I am having on one person in particular. I do not want to reveal their identity so they will be knows as Person X.

Person X had been absent from my group fitness classes for over a month but I did not let this bother me as they have disappeared and reappeared in the past.  They were unable to attend the official launch of my fitness book, Fundamental Fitness After Fifty (https://www.amazon.ca/dp/1988925185), but some people simply reserved a copy and I have been busy delivering these over the last few weeks.

I was eager to meet up with Person X to deliver their book, as they did not register for the Spring session at the gym and I knew that I would not see them until September.

It was a rainy, cold afternoon as I stood waiting for them to appear in the parking lot of the gym. I had the book wrapped up to protect it but my attire was not suitable for this crazy Spring weather, and I was feeling tired and chilly after four hours of non-stop classes.

“Maybe they forgot? Maybe I should just forget it and try to deliver it another time.” Just as I was about to give up, I saw Person X drive into the parking lot. I ran over to the car so they would not have to get out and stand in the rain but before I could motion for them to stay in the car they were out smiling and laughing, happy to be back in touch.

I thanked Person X for supporting me by buying the book and I asked why they had been absent for so long?

“I have been battling cancer Beth. And your book is going to help me to get back to feeling like myself. I won’t be at the gym for the next few months and I cannot thank you enough for making this book. This is perfect timing for me and a real life saver! Thank you!” And with that Person X jumped in the car and drove off smiling and waving.

I gave myself a quick slap for feeling the least bit sorry for myself.

I am making a difference and I am so happy to share my book with my students who cannot make it to class, no matter the reason.

Have a great day and see you soon,