I was incredibly shy as a young girl. I had absolutely no self confidence at all.  I’m amazed that I managed to get through life like this.  My memories of being young are filled with feelings of insecurity. I felt that I could never be as good as the people around me no matter how hard I might try. Maybe it was this hand made 70’s outfit that made me feel this way.  Wow….good times!

The most ironic thing is that I ended up becoming a personal trainer/fitness instructor, when gym class was my biggest nightmare! I hated public speaking. I hated being up at the front of the class!

How this happened is amazing to me because I see that it all boils down to teachers!

After having my first son, I wanted to lose the baby weight so I joined a gym near my mother’s home. I would then drop off my son and go there for an hour.

I had never taken any fitness classes before. I absolutely loved the positivity of the aerobics teacher.  She was engaging and friendly and she made the exercise fun. It was one hour that I could spend on me, two times per week. From there I enjoyed it so much, that I after my third child, I went to night school to become one of these wacky fitness teachers! Life takes so many twists and turns.

Looking back on my shy, non-physical five year old self, I would now say:

“keep your chin up Beth, because soon you will be able to do all of the things that you feel so insecure about.  Yes, for now you may be the last person picked in gym class. You may be laughed at for your poor gym performance however in a few years you will be the one laughing.  You will not be laughing at others but with your students as you help them to do push-ups and sit-ups and lunges. Your classes will be full because people feel good when they are in your class and as a result you have changed a few lives for the better.”

Find an old picture of yourself today and ask yourself, “what would you say to that little girl or boy looking back at you?”

Realize how far you have come. You have succeeded in getting through some of life’s most difficult moments.  Even if for just a few moments, celebrate your success and feel good about your accomplishments.

Have a great day!