I thought a picture of my Four Berry Pie would make you smile. It’s no secret that I love to bake. Now I have to bake gluten and lactose free but I can appreciate the occasional treat.

My question to you today is what are you eating to fuel you throughout your day?

I meet honest, hard working people everyday in the gym. People who show up daily, do the exercises I have prescribed and still, they cannot seem to lose those last 10 – 15lbs.

If this sounds like your story, you are not alone. I am going to let you in on a secret. What you eat is more important than what you do at the gym. Let me repeat this. What you Eat, is more important than what you do with me at the gym. Some of you will be reminding me of this when we are getting ready to do our sit-ups tomorrow! You still need to exercise, I promise you that but you also need to think about how you are fuelling those workouts.

People can get very upset when I start to inquire about what they are eating, however, if you are telling me that you have literally tried everything to lose weight, than we need to take an honest look at your diet. The good news is you can shed the pounds simply by making simple changes.

Sometimes, it is just a matter of educating yourself on how the food you do eat, breaks down in your body. I have listed a few books at the end of my blog page that do a good job of explaining this. Go and buy them or take them out of the library and start learning! They have saved my life literally.

So for those of you, who really want to make a change in your life, food can heal you.  I know that you do not want to be on pills for all kinds of ailments. Learning to cook new foods and eat healthier is fun and the benefits are amazing.

I have spent the last year totally changing my diet. I now eat far more than I ever did before and I weigh 10lbs less. This is because I am making far healthier choices. I eat lots of protein and tons of vegetables and fruit. I drink only one small cup of coffee a day with almond milk and the rest is water! And yes, I eat pie and cookies (gluten and lactose free.)

The answer really is simple. Move more and eat better. Avoid added sugars in all of the food you eat. Drink water! This is all much easier than coming to see me.  I still want you to be in my classes of course but examining what you are eating and how it may be sabotaging your efforts is a great place to start.

Have a great day.