It takes time to develop a good habit. Whenever I meet new clients I tell them to give my class at least three chances before they consider giving up. Once my students have achieved that goal, I then look for those who make it to week 4!

Unless you are actually at the gym, you would not believe the amount of people who come the first week, maybe even the second and then give up! I know that exercise is hard work however we are investing in our health and to me that is the highest priority.

The crowds have calmed down, the kinks have been worked out and now I get to see the clients who are driven and committed to keeping fit.

I want to congratulate you for making it this far. The habit has been formed and it will carry you through the dark days of fall and winter. You may laugh at this statement but I know plenty of people who cease all activity after Christmas and stay inside as soon as the weather gets cold. It is better for your health to get out and be active and social, than to stay at home.

Joining a gym in September with the rush of everyone returning to school is a great time because summer is fresh in our minds and we are more likely to go with friends. Socializing is a big part of being successful with fitness. Your friends keep you accountable and we are less likely to turn down our trip to the gym if it will disappoint a friend!

You have made it to week 4. You should be feeling more fit than when you walked in that first day. You should feel comfortable with the exercises that you have learned so far and ready to take on new challenges.

Great job!

See you soon,