A close friend has said this to me many times as of late, “water the flowers and forget about the weeds.”

In life we have to focus on the good things if we want to get more of them into our lives.

I meet clients every day who spend a lot of time listing their various ailments to me. I am of course interested because I have to know that they have been cleared to exercise but sometimes I find that people are so consumed with what they perceive as “their problems,” that they cannot see the good aspects of their situation. I often remind my students that we are so lucky to have the luxury of sweating together! We are not stuck in a hospital bed.

There is always a “silver lining.”  I’ll admit that it can be hard to see at first but it is there.  Last week during the stretching component of one of my classes, I heard a yelp for joy. I turned to find one of my students mastering that particular pose and she had a beautiful smile on her face.  What a great moment. 

Yes, many of us are broken but the key is that we show up and keep trying to improve our situation. We have to focus on the progress that we are making by regularly working out.  I have some clients who give up on their goals because they expected success in 3 or 4 classes. They expected that if they stopped eating junk and showed up to workout everyday for a week, they would lose 20lbs and be instantly happy!

I am here to tell you that the progress will be slow at times but one day you will be able to touch your toes or you will find yourself pulling up those pants that used to be too tight. Focus on the little ways in which you are feeling stronger, healthier and happier. Celebrate the little victories even if one of them is simply getting up earlier to fit in exercise before work.

Just for a moment consider what is right in this moment. Smile and focus on this for the day!

Water those flowers!