I will be on vacation for one week after today’s classes. I want to thank all of my students for an amazing Spring session. In the picture, above you can see a heart on my shirt if you look closely. I truly love what I do and I love my students but we all need time off occasionally.

After ten weeks of fitness, one thing remains very clear to me: the ‘over fifty’ crowd has received the message that exercise is not optional but necessary for health and balance in our lives.

Two of my students sent me pictures yesterday of their vacation on the beach. They were excited to show me that they kept up their yoga routines by the water. They looked so young and vibrant!  I love seeing photos of you being active outside of class. We must remember that exercise is what allows us to keep doing the activities that we love. Bravo!

I also want to thank those students who danced up a storm at my end of the session line dance party on the weekend. We certainly had a great evening.

I will not see you at the closing BBQ. I am giving myself the entire week off to rest up and create new programs for our summer training.

Have a wonderful week. I will start writing new posts again on June 20th.

See you soon,