It is just as important to rest, as it is to exercise!

I’ve had a wonderful vacation.

I worked very hard at doing absolutely nothing but relaxing.

Some people take vacation from work to site see and whirl through guided tours of this and that. I am the one who stays parked on the beach with a good book and some snacks for the entire day, only to look forward to doing it again the next day!

Though I did not make it to a beach this passed week, I read a few books. I wrote poetry. I did soul collage (this involves cutting images out of magazines that impress or speak to you in some way and assembling them on a card to form a new image. For me it is a form of art therapy.)

I worked in my gardens for hours. I made delicious gluten free treats and ate them all.

Most importantly, I stayed home 90% of the time and fell back in love with my sacred space in the woods.

I slept and slept and slept and dreamt about how I can do more of this over the summer.

Happy first day of summer.

See you in class tomorrow.