I hear it all of the time.  “Beth, I have no time to workout. I am too busy at work.”  Unfortunately when we make this statement we are setting ourselves up for potential health problems. I believe it is a choice. We must make the time.

It is of course easy for me to say this when I get paid to workout.  The challenge for me however is to actually learn to use the time to help myself and not just focus on everyone else.

I want you to know that I rediscovered the benefits of exercising away ‘frustration/stress’ on Wednesday.  I was teaching my home class and I suddenly found myself using the workout as a way to vent off steam.  Picturing what was bothering me most and then pushing myself through the exercise to successful completion, made me feel hopeful that I can handle and succeed at overcoming my problems at work.

Physically I felt better after doing cardio for twenty minutes, and then muscular conditioning and stretching. Even though it was hard to get started, once I committed to the experience, the benefits manifested themselves without much effort.  I felt relieved. I felt hopeful. My entire outlook changed.

The key is to get out of our heads.  Stress at work becomes a mind game. We tend to think about problems non-stop while driving, eating and sleeping and before we know it, we get sick.  Forcing yourself into a class or to go on a run, helps to change the focus. Suddenly survival becomes the focus. You have no choice but to rely on yourself and your skills to get through. You regain the confidence that you had in yourself. 

Exercise is such a great way to change your mood, lift your spirits and brighten your day.

Just do it!

Have a great weekend everyone.