I happened to be listening to some of my students speak about my class yesterday, when they did not know that I was steps away.  I did call out to them before they started saying anything too important, so that they knew I was around and able to hear their comments but I did hear them say one thing. “She’s so tough!”

I laughed at that comment and then a friend of mine exclaimed, “she has to be tough, so you will be strong!”

What a wonderful way to look at it. 

My goal is to keep my students healthy and part of the way that I accomplish this is by being tough.  I am tough in the sense that I do not waiver from the workout that I have planned and designed for the month.  While I make suggestions to keep everyone safe if someone has an injury, we keep working on the same exercises to build skill and ease of movement and strength.

I try to make the workout fun, but we will be doing our situps and our pushups and many of the things that most students find difficult because most students will not do these exercises on their own.

I am tough on myself, so that I am strong for my students. We are in this together. I put in long hours at the gym to be the best that I can be for all of you.

Yep, I am tough but tough in a good way!

Have a great day everyone!