Learning keeps us young. I see evidence of this every single day at the gym. I am glad that people are getting to my classes because this is one of the best ways to slow the aging process but today’s blog is a head’s up for my students.

Even though you are devoted and attending regularly, I have noticed that the students who take the time to learn a new skill such as piano, knitting or choir seem be slowing the aging process even more!

What does this mean? How can I see it?

Don’t forget that I have known many of my students for more than ten years and as such I have had a front row seat to watching them climb the birthday calendar.

I can see that the clients of mine who are regularly engaged in learning a new sport, activity or hobby are better able to process information during a fitness class quickly and as such they are less likely to stumble or be thrown off balance! These students have a natural spark in their eyes and a bounce in their step. They move faster and this is despite the common injuries that tend to plague us all as we age such as sore knees and stiff hips. Their attitude is positive and they are excited and ready to try new moves in class. To be clear, I am not criticizing the students who prefer to keep their lives low key, I just want to tell you that you can do even more to stay young in both the mind and the body!

I had the pleasure last week of watching my sister and her husband, who are in their late sixties, perform at a casual choir event in Ottawa. I was completely impressed by how motivated they were to be up there, front and center, singing their hearts out. It was an evening event, almost 2 hours from their home but this did not deter them in any way! Singing is great exercise for the lungs and they were grooving as well.

My line dancers challenge their minds by mastering complicated steps that force them to move fast on their feet. I can see how much this is helping them in life in general.

This summer, when our gym cuts the number of classes in half, why not fill those missing hours with a course that will teach you a new skill? Or a course that will add to your knowledge about your favorite subject. The idea is to challenge your mind, not just your body. We need to do both to stay young.

See you soon.