It’s normal to sweat during a workout. That’s how the body cools itself down. In the picture above you can see a faint heart shape on my top. I sweat hearts and I regularly joke about how it proves that I really love what I do for a living, which is making people sweat.

We are experiencing quite the heat wave where I live with daytime temperatures averaging 35’c and I have had a number of people ask me if it’s safe to exercise in the heat. If you’re healthy and regularly participate in fitness classes, I see no reason why you should stop moving as long as you take three things into account.

  1. You might be dehydrated before heading to the gym. Simply existing in high heat causes us to sweat and lose water. If you drink very little water as it is, chances are you will be running at a deficit before you even begin to exercise. If you are dehydrated your body will not be able to produce the sweat needed to cool your skin down. This can be serious and might lead to heat exhaustion. Make sure to bring water to your class and to take sips every 15 minutes or so. Make sure you have water after the workout as well to replace the water you lost during the session. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they are dehydrating.
  2. Wear light clothing. Most of us have our favorite workout gear and many women in particular hide their curves under long pants and thick t-shirts. You need to shed the heat that we generate especially when the temperature outside is so hot. Choose clothing that is light and breathes well.
  3. Slow down the pace. Now is not the time to take your first outdoor boot camp class. I say this because you want to be able to properly monitor your experience and if you are new to the class, you will be unfamiliar with what to expect. Do your regular workout but realize that you are going to move slower because of the heat and be patient with yourself. Workout for a shorter amount of time and if you start to feel unwell, speak to the trainer or gym monitor.

As a trainer I plan to change my plans for this week. I don’t want to push my students in this weather. If we usually do a high intensity workout, I will make alterations to keep everyone safe. Sometimes I take advantage of the warm weather and do flexibility training. Gentle Yoga and Restorative Essentrics are perfect activities for these hot summer days!

Stay safe and keep moving. In Canada, we long for this weather mid-winter. Enjoy it!