I know that sometimes we have to enter a class after it has already started. It happens. I do my best to accommodate late students and also maintain a certain level of peace in the class for those who were on time.

Many of us live unconsciously. We rush to and from events, seeing little around us but the road. Very few of us see the setting sun in the distance or travel slow enough to take in the whole environment and I see this manifesting in my classroom.

Remember that when you are waiting for a class outside the door where one is currently taking place, we on the inside can hear your conversations. Use your inside voice to chat to your friends, quietly.

Remember that if you are walking into a class already in session, you have to be careful for your safety. If it is an aerobic class, you can’t walk in front of people and if you are walking behind people you have to watch out for the equipment along the edges of the wall.

Remember that if you are interrupting a yoga class already in process, people are aware you are doing so but would appreciate it if you would come in as quietly as possible. Don’t let the door slam behind you.

Put yourself in the shoes of others. Walk and talk and travel mindfully.

Have a wonderful day!