It is no secret that I have many adoring students but I am not “everyone’s cup of tea.” 

Many years ago, our boss decided to give clients the opportunity to evaluate each class.  They were able to do so anonymously.  The only complaint that I ever received on one of these forms said that “I was too happy!” I understood what they were trying to say even though it hurt my feelings at the time.  I am very bubbly and I like to laugh. I smile a lot because I love what I do.  I tend to joke with the students during class and to be fair, not everyone likes this type of teacher.

That comment came my way over 10 years ago. The next time I taught that class I tried not to smile or make jokes and I was absolutely miserable. I told my boss that if this is what teaching fitness is, I am not interested.  She had not asked me to change anything, I just decided to tone down my happiness a notch to try to be respectful of everyone in the class. As I think back on this I realize how silly it was to even try to be something other than myself! Life is too awesome to be miserable by choice.

I am happy to say that over the years I have come to learn and accept that I am not going to please everyone. I can try very hard to reach people and make an impact on their lives in some positive way but I must realize that some people will not like my style.  In my opinion, it is more important that I actually love the activities that I asking my clients to do in class.  When you attend my classes, you can see that I am happy to be there acting as your guide and coach. My hope is that my love for the said activity will spread and make you enjoy your workout as much as possible because lets be honest, working out can be dreadfully dull.

So if you attend a fitness class and the teacher does something that puts you off, you can choose not to return. My hope however is that you will go to another class, with a different teacher and not give up on the whole idea of going to the gym altogether.   Eventually you will find someone who motivates you in just the right way.  We are not all the same and that is a wonderful thing!

Have you found your teacher yet?