The story behind the “Take 5 Bench.”

A wonderful thing happend the other day, while I was taking this picture.  I often sit in my car by the lake, on my break, and on this day in particular, I just had to get of the car to take this photo. I was so moved by the image of this empty bench.

I must have taken thirty pictures of the surroundings and the water. Zooming in and out, squating down low and standing up high. Finally, I found myself in front of the bench, looking outward over the lake, and it occured to me to finally take a load off and sit for a bit. I turned around and my breath was swept away as I read the plaque.

I knew the gentleman to whom this bench was dedicated. Yet I had no idea that this bench was “his.”  I sit in my car usually overlooking the bench but rarely do I take the time to get out and take five minutes to see the view up close. I was so touched by this.  I could feel his presence and it was a wonderful, reflective, moment.

His wife, Inga is close to our hearts. In fact, when my husband first met me, he made a point of going to tell Inga that he had found the girl he was going to marry!

I went to school with their youngest son, Jay. My husband went to school with Nielsen and he spends a lot of time with their oldest son, Ron on his farmette.

This experience taught me a valuable lesson.  I tend to be a bit shy. I am not a photographer and if I want to take pictures, I try to do it so I am not noticed. Stepping out of my comfort zone and taking over 30 shots was a big deal for me. Turning around and recognizing that I am in familiar territory, in the presence of John….made me smile and reassured me that our greatest life, lies on the edges of our fears.  I followed my bliss and it lead me home!

Thank you Inga, for placing this bench in such a beautiful spot. What a gift for everyone to share.

John lives on, overlooking the water and everyone who comes to take in a few minutes of peace.